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Welcome to OtakuRevolution.net.

Although the message board may be gone, the strips based on that community continue to live on here.

New readers, please be advised:

Otaku Revolution: The Strip and Otaku Revolution 2015 features, at times, content that is not suitable for all age groups. This site is not intended for children under 13 in any way, shape, or form. That said, if you wish to proceed, just watch out for my very warped style of storytelling...

Also, although we link to Mikers' strip, Otaku Revolution: Side Story, the owner of this site are in no way responsible for the content of that strip.

Many thanks to em for creating the layout, which I've borrowed for this page.

A very special thank-you to Ren "Foxx" Ramos for helping me restore the archives!

OtakuRevolution.net News:

29 December 2013
The host transfer has been completed! OR:TS and 2015 are back online, and I have full access to them! Hopefully I won't run into any more host issues, and I can actually finish my stories without any further drama.

27 January 2011
OR:TS and 2015 sites have been fully restored! Well, almost... one of these days, I'm going to fix up the cast pages once and for all... but everything else that was up before is up now! The OR:TS Links page, the FAQ, the 2015 Maps page... all there! And the Links page was even cleaned up!

20 January 2011
The Halloween strips have been reloaded! All four (I only did four?!?) are uploaded:
2001 Halloween Special
2003 Halloween Special
2005 Halloween Special
2009 Halloween Special

9 January 2011
So, yeah, 250free went belly-up. With absolutely no word on its status for more than two weeks now, I'm forced to go to a new host. Fortunately, I've found a free host that ought to work for me, at least for the time being. We'll see how it works out.

It's going to take me some time, though, to get things back up and running, so please be patient. Thank you!

Update: 250free is officially dead, but OtakuRevolution.net lives! Stay tuned for the full relaunch!

30 October 2009
Enjoy my new 2009 Halloween Special!

18 October 2009
After a few weeks, I'm back, and so are the strips! Enjoy!

30 September 2009
Due to circumstances beyond my control, the series is going on hiatus for the interim. As I'm in the midst of a still-developing personal situation, I can't say for sure when I'll be able to resume posting new strips.

20 February 2009
So, with the addition of OR:TS strip 0750 and 2015 strip 0250, we've reached 1000 comics! Although, there are the specials and side-story strips (no, not OR: Side Story, which is a completely different matter), but still, it's a remarkable milestone.

Of course, it just becomes odd when you consider that I actually started 2015 about a year after OR:TS began... O_O;;

25 January 2009
Due to some difficulty with 250free.com's service today, I've re-opened the Alpha Site.

21 September 2008
otakurevolution.net has been registered for the next two years.

3 July 2008
A bit overdue, but:
It's a blog that actually has some content! Unlike the OR LiveJournal, which is pretty much just strip update notices...

28 January 2008
Well, it happened... my computer must've sensed that its days were numbered, because it up and died on me. Specifically, it's stuck in the Windows Boot Loop From Hell. Whereas other boot loops I've seen discussed online let the computer make it to the logo screen, my computer doesn't even get that far!

Now, the good news is that, earlier last week, I had backed up my strip data onto a 2GB USB drive that I got for Christmas. Now, while I can take a moment to get on from work to edit this HTML file online (thank you, 250Free!), I can't exactly bring my USB drive in and work on my strips at work. That'd be a big no-no. So, for now, the strips are on hiatus... again.

By the end of the week, though, I should have a new machine up and running, and The StripWorks will be back before you know it!

15 December 2007
After months of cramming everything into whatever available Earthlink space I could find, I have finally come up with a new host! Welcome to otakurevolution.250free.com! Thank you, Leslie, for suggesting this host.

25 August 2007
A major revision to the design of the StripWorks front page! I've decided to retire the version based on Em's design for the old Otaku Revolution homepage. The basic design actually remains the same as Em's, but I've redone the graphics considerably. I've decided to go with a "jam pic" on the top, and the news background now features various flags I've used within the series.

I'm also removing some of the older news items, as many of them have lost relevance. I'm archiving them for now, and I may re-post them in some kind of archive link, but for now they're off the page.

15 July 2007
I've gotten around to replacing the old Forums link above with a link to the OR LiveJournal community, which serves as my primary outlet for announcing new strips. More site updates will come... eventually.

18 April 2007
As you know by now, otakurevolution.net has gone down for good. As a result, I have archived my strips across whatever available webspace I can use. Otaku Revolution 2015 has been moved off the ~orstrip site altogether, and shifted to its new home. The forum link above has been disabled, and the Links page will be down for the short term. Fixing all of the links to OR.net on the other pages aren't an immediate concern, but I'll fix those soon enough. My main goal is to make sure I have all my strips online.

It's likely that new strips will resume next week.

9 December 2006
Although I've gone on hiatus, as I prepare to move to a new home, I did take the liberty of finishing up a couple of strips I'd started before taking time away from the computer. It's not likely that I'll get any more done before mid-January, though, as I expect to be working pretty hard on getting my new living space set up when I'm not at work.

2 February 2006
I've made a few minor updates to the StripWorks page, including a content advisory in the sidebar for those journeying to OR:TS for the first time, particularly from outside my "home forums" of Otaku Revolution, Bob and George, and Arctic Nightfall, as I look to possibly start drawing new readers.

23 July 2005
Introducing the new StripWorks front page! The strip site pages will remain the same, but I hope you enjoy this new site format, modeled after the Otaku Revolution home page.

Look for sporadic updates on this page... :p

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